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What are the studio's policies?

We don't have too many but there are a few simple policies and House Rules that we ask of everyone.

Studio Policies are as follows;

~ all clients must be 18 or older due to insurance policies.  No exceptions.

~ all class passes, class packs, memberships and workshops are non refundable and non-transferable

~ please arrive about 10 minutes prior to the start of class to get checked in

~ any arrivals after 5 minutes into the start of class, will not be allowed. This becomes not only a distraction to others but also a safety issue to you missing a proper warm-up

~ if you must cancel out of a class, we kindly ask for at least 8 hours notice so your spot may be filled by someone on the waitlist

~ any classes canceled under 8 hours are considered a Late Cancel and that class payment will be forfeited. Classes canceled under 4 hours prior to class time, is considered a Super Late Cancel and an additional fee of $10 will be charged to your account. This applies to all drop ins, class packs and membership classes.

~ if you are a No Show for any class, it will be also be considered a Late Cancel and that class payment will be forfeited and an additional $10 fee will be charged to your account. This applies to all drop ins, class packs and membership classes.

~ if you are a Rule Breaker member, you must still cancel out of any class that you cannot attend within the 8 hour requirement. Classes canceled under 4 hours prior to class time, is considered a Super Late Cancel and an additional fee of $10 will be charged to your account. Any Late Cancel or No Shows will result in that class being forfeited. No Show or Late Cancels for Pole Play will be charged an additional $10 to your account.


Our House Rules:

~ have fun and approach each class with an open mind

~ be respectful and courteous to your instructors and fellow clients

~ if you are at a more advanced level, please register for the appropriate level class. If you choose to do a lower level class, we respectfully ask you to keep your movements to what is being taught or discussed. Otherwise this can become a distraction for students that have not learned the more advanced skill or trick yet. Your instructor will give you variations, if needed.

~ for any pole or lyra classes, please remove  jewelry- rings, toe rings, bracelets, anklets, and watches (smart watches with silicone straps and no metal or scrunchie based straps are ok to wear). Poles/lyra hoops and jewelry are not friends.

~ please do not apply lotions prior to class. This becomes a safety hazard, as they make your skin slippery and get messy as you sweat.

~ only dance shoes are allowed in the dance studio space. If you're not sure, please ask us. General rule of thumb is if you wear them outside, then they are not proper dance shoes.

~please keep coats, street shoes/boots and bulky bags on the shelf in the changing room. Any small valuables, such as keys and wallets, that fit in the studio room cubbies are welcome. During classes, everyone's things lined up along the walls become a safety issue and also inhibit proper movement due to less floor space.

~ we know you want to show of your new found skills but not everyone is comfortable with that yet. No class spectators.

~ we love taking photos and videos of our progress but please not during class instruction. Your instructor will give you some time to take photos at the end of class. Any videos from choreo classes must also be held off until the end. If you are posting any photos or videos on social media, we kindly ask that you tag the studio and give the instructor or choreographer proper credit.

How much is a class?

We have a few different class types; Pole, Lyra, Dance, and Conditioning. Drop In pricing varies. Click to see pricing options.

I've never taken a pole class. What class is best?

If you've never taken a pole class before, REBEL 101 is where to start to learn the beginner skills. Once you've graduated, you're welcome to join us for other pole classes on the schedule. We also have several non-pole dance and conditioning classes that anyone is welcome to join in at any time. Click to see all class info and descriptions.

What do I wear?

We want you to be comfortable. Wear whatever is easiest for you to move around in. For pole classes, we recommend shorts and tank tops at a minimum. However, beginners may be okay with t-shirts and capri length yoga pants to start. Chair and Freeform dance classes can be in typical workout or dance attire. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

But  I'm not strong enough...

You're stronger than you think. You don't need super upper body strength to start. Everyone starts the same, with their feet on the floor and very little arm strength. With the muscles you didn't even know you had, you'll build up your strength very quickly with your basic spins and tricks. Soon you'll to be able to do the more advanced tricks in the air and even go upside down!

What should I bring?

There's not much required.  For pole classes, please bring your own cleaning cloth, a small spray bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol and any grip aides you may want to use. For any classes that are dancing with heels, they must be approved dance shoes. No street shoes. Mats and yoga blocks are available but you are welcome to bring your own, as we only have so many to go around.

Do I need to reserve a spot?

Yes, please. Classes are tailored to who we know is going to be here. We also want you guaranteed to have a pole, a chair or a space on the floor. All reservations can be made online, click here.

I got wait listed. Now what?

Well, class reservations were filled up. But you're next on the list if anyone cancels! When this happens, you'll get a notification that there's an open spot asking you if you'd like it. There is a time limit on your response before it goes to the next person, so act quickly if you want in! You may also check you class schedule in your account profile. If you know you can no longer attend, please remove yourself from the waitlist so that someone else can be moved up or bumped in.

Is there parking?

Yes, we have a parking lot. Feel free to park in any open space.

Are men welcome?

Men are welcome to participate in any class.  Spectators only are welcome to come to any Showcase that we present.

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