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Meet the Owners


Leah has been involved in some form of dance her whole life, from classes growing up to teacher assistant and even a choreographer for local theatre groups back home in Buffalo, NY. When she discovered pole in 2011, she was instantly hooked. Becoming an instructor was just natural. Since 2015, she has loved watching her students grow in strength, skill and confidence, and has enjoyed helping guide them through their own dance journey.

Lady London

Shana is all about the creativity and uniqueness of dancing and performing. She’s known as ‘EXTRA’ in everything she does, so it’s only fitting that she uses it to encourage her students to find their unique style. Dance has been a positive influence on her life, and she feels it’s a way to express yourself, find yourself, build self-esteem and confidence. As a plus size dancer, Shana promotes self love and owning your body. She teaches to see students grow in mind, spirit and body when they dance with her.

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