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Party Faq's

What should I wear?

    Typical workout wear is best. But beyond that, wear what makes you feel good! From yoga pants and a t-shirt to bootie shorts and a sports bra, it’s your party! You dress how you want to! We have a changing room, so feel free to change here.

Please note: Rings and bracelets are prohibited while on the pole, as both the pole and your jewelry can get damaged. Cubbies are available in the dance studio space for you to store your personal belongings.

**We suggest that you don’t apply oil-based lotion the day of the party. You will likely get extra slippery on the poles. Either forgo the lotion that day or you’ll need to wash your hands and legs thoroughly before heading back to the studio space. A glycerin based lotion applied earlier in the day will be ok, and may even help you with sticking to the pole.


What shoes should I wear?

    Most people go barefoot or in socks. If you want to wear shoes, they need to be dance shoes, as in ballroom/contemporary dance shoes or platform pole dance shoes such as Pleaser. No outside footwear is allowed in the dance studio space.


What is the space like?

    We have a front lounge area, changing room, restroom, and dance studio. You will have exclusive access to all of these areas during your party. Cubbies are available in the dance studio for storage of your smaller personal items such as phones and keys.


Can I bring drinks and food?

    Yes! But no alcohol. If anyone appears to be under the influence upon arrival, they will be denied into class and no refund will be issued. We ask that you keep all consumables in the lounge area. No food or drink in the back space where instruction takes place. Water is the only exception.


How strong do I need to be to pole dance?

    You can be an absolute beginner or strong athletic type. You don’t need to be physically strong to start pole dancing, but you will get stronger if you stick with it!


Tell me more about these poles…

    The poles are professional quality dancing poles by X-Pole. They are solidly mounted to the structure of the building and have a 350lb weight limit. We have 6 chrome poles (industry standard) and 2 stainless steel poles for dancers with chrome allergies.


What is the parking situation?

    It is free and plentiful!


What if I’m pregnant, have an injury, or recently had surgery?

    Please tell your instructor before your party gets started so we can ensure your safety. Depending on the severity of your situation you may not be able to participate in all of the activities.


What if I really like pole dancing and want to keep learning?

    We have lots of options for you! New students can take our 4-week Rebel 101 Series or join us for any non-aerial classes before committing. Beyond that, you have your choice of a monthly membership, class packs, or pay for each class individually by purchasing drop-in passes.

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