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The Studio

What are we about?

Rebel Dance & Pole is home for all who wish to learn a new discipline. We pride ourselves on empowering others to be confident, sexy and flat out full of life on the dance floor. At Rebel Dance & Pole you will learn exciting new skills, tricks, and dance moves; along with building strength while having fun.  Each class is designed to give your body a workout that will leave you feeling mentally and physically satisfied.

How was Rebel formed?

Rebel Dance & Pole was initially founded by 3 women who are passionate about dancing, teaching, performing, and competing.  The owners met at a local studio and quickly became supportive of each other and others who were training for a competition.  In spending months rotating between the homes of all the competitors, it became clear that they wanted to establish a more permanent home for all who wanted to learn, compete, and grow.  With the support and encouragement from our fellow dancers, family, and friends, our studio was born. 

But why the name Rebel?

Rebel means to defy obedience to others.  We want to break societal norms and provide a space to just be ourselves. The name Rebel was chosen because, let's face it, pole dancing is misunderstood in the world.  We want to showcase that pole dancing can be any style that the dancer makes it:  contemporary, lyrical, dramatic, entertaining, or of course, sexy.  So join us in rebelling against stuffy societal expectations, and let your inner dancer out to find your creative style!





"Lady London"

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