Weekly Classes

**NEW CLIENTS**  If you are joining us from another studio or have prior

pole experience, please contact us to schedule a Level Assessment test.

Low Pole Choreo

Not everyone can invert or wants to.  This choreography class focuses on putting together a full routine that only uses the lower half of the pole, while also taking it down to the floor for some floorwork.

                                        Rebel 101 graduate  and up

            Liquid Motion

In this class, you'll utilize elements of fitness conditioning, sensual movement and dance theory to provide you with a total mind-body experience.  It's fun, effective and overall empowering.  Please bring socks, legwarmers or whatever else to help you glide around the floor smoothly.  Knee pads are required and tops with sleeves are recommended.

All levels welcome.


Vertical Barre

This ballet-inspired conditioning class incorporates a barre  into the workout. But ours are vertical instead of horizontal!  Essentially, barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training into moves that are choreographed to motivating music.

All levels welcome.

REBEL BootieCamp

This conditioning class uses your own body weight for exercises to target muscle groups needed for pole and dance. Set to an upbeat sound track, these unique movements will give you a great work out. Leave feeling accomplished and like you’ll be stronger for your next trick. 

All levels welcome

Freeform Dance

Freeform is a choreography based class for those who love to dance or want to explore more.  Whether you have experience or not, all levels are welcome to participate. You will learn different styles/genres and incorporate them into a routine. 

WARNING: Freeform will give you a taste of freedom on the dance floor and allow you to be free to express yourself.

All levels welcome.

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Brand new to the Pole Fitness trend? In this 4-week series, you'll have a blast learning the basics and techniques of walks, spins, and transitions all while building strength.  Spots are limited and sell out quick.

Beginner level

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It's a surprise of what style choreography you'll get here.  It could be dramatic, sexy or even upbeat entertainment.  You'll learn a partial routine each class to what ever the instructor is feeling. Instructor's routinely rotate, so each class is something different.

All pole levels

Chair Dance

Flirty and fun...with a chair!  Great for your thighs (calves too, if you dare wear heels), abs and booty.  Exercise your body and memory as we learn a whole routine that's cute, sassy and fun!

All levels welcome.

Bend & Stretch

Let's get bendy!  Stretch your muscles to increase your range of motion, move better, bend more easily and reach higher.  Even get flat in your splits.  Flexibility is also a key component to preventing injury.

All levels welcome.


REBEL Wildcard

When we want to bring you something special, we'll put a Wildcard on the schedule. Have an idea for a class? Tell us! We want to bring you what you want to learn! Previous Rebel Wildcards have included Twerk Basics and Heels Technique. 

Pole Wildcard: Rebel 101 graduate and up

Non-Pole Wildcard: All levels welcome!

 Pole: Basics  

Not quite ready for Intermediate yet or haven't poled for a while?  Basics is for you.  Refresh or add to your beginner skills with climbs, spins, tricks and preparing for inverts.

Rebel 101 graduate


Pole: Basics+Plus

You've got most of your Basics skills down but not quite ready for Intermediate yet.  This class will focus on making those skills stronger, adding new and advanced variations and start to get you upside down!.

Instructor Approval


Spin Pole

See what the Spin is all about in our leveled spin specific classes.  Learn how to put your favorite static tricks on spin, control your momentum, and get comfortable with prolonged spin combinations. 

Spin Basics - beginner level or new to spin tricks

More Spin - experienced spin polers that can invert

Pole: Intermediate
This class is designed for the poler working on their inversions. You'll work more complex upright tricks and combos, while building invert confidence by descending into upside-down positions, as well as doing floor based ones. Intermediate is the next level after Basics or Basics+Plus and requires Instructor approval.

Instructor Approval


Pole: Advanced

Confident inverters, this one's for you! Build your strength, endurance, and technique while learning new shapes, transitions, and combinations. We feature a mix of trendy tricks and pole staples. You'll amaze yourself with what you can do!

Instructor Approval

Pole Play

Pole Play is an open class where you can practice everything you've learned.  This is not a structured class but an instructor will be present for questions, concerns or spotting.  (Instructor approval required.)

Rebel 101 graduate and up


Classes are subject to change at any time.  Not all classes are scheduled every week or every month.  Some are scheduled on a rotational basis.

Pricing varies by the type of class.  Drop In, Membership and Class Pack options are available.  Click to view all pricing info.

New to Pole? Start with Rebel 101! No experience necessary!

Not ready for pole? Try a non-pole dance or conditioning class, labeled "All levels welcome."