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Smoldering Serpent

Jade "Cobra"

In this workshop, Jade "Cobra" focuses on teaching the basic fundamentals of belly dance, while mixing it with elements of other dance styles. This fusion results in a diverse and accessible introductory style that allows for creativity and flair during her class. You'll learn the basics while incorporating it into a beautifully unique routine.

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Jade started her dance background in early childhood with mixed forms of dance, and also went through a period of focusing on being a vocalist and musician as a creative outlet before falling in love with belly dance all over as an adult. 


After 4 years as a belly dancer, she is thrilled to bring this beautiful art form to her community. Jade especially loves to branch out into different, unique genres of music to bring the movement of bellydance to anyone looking to begin their journey! 


She has also done lyra and has fallen in love with pole - No apparatus is left out, she wants to try them all! 


When she isn’t dancing, Jade loves to play the violin, ride horses, and going to the shooting range, along with spending time with her beloved pet dog and snake.

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