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**NEW CLIENTS**  If you are joining us from another studio or have prior

pole experience, please contact us to schedule a Level Assessment test.

Rule Breaker Membership, $150

You are a total Rule Breaker!  If Rebel Dance & Pole is to become your home away from home, this is the best option for you.  This is our monthly auto-pay plan that gets automatically drafted from your bank account or credit card every month.  Each month you get any 12 regularly scheduled classes excluding Lyra (not to be carried over) plus unlimited Pole Play classes (when scheduled).  Extra benefits include half-off additional classes, discounts on workshops and merchandise,  and 1 complimentary guest ticket for any of our studio showcases that you perform in.  Savings of $150 based on pole drop in prices.

Rebel 101, $125

If you are completely brand new to pole fitness, this is where you need to start.  In this consecutive 4-week series, you'll learn all the foundational basics and techniques of pole dance and fitness.  This series will teach you various grips, walking, spins, tricks, transitions and how to put them all together in a fun combination.  Once completed, you are eligible to attend any of the other pole classes on the weekly schedule.

**This series is non-refundable and cannot be carried over to a different or future series if you are unable to complete the 4 weeks.**

Class Packs

Class packs are designed to save you per class if you plan on attending semi-regularly but not frequent enough to take advantage of the Rule Breaker Membership.  Each class pack goes into effect on the first class of it's use, not the day of purchase.  They are valid for any weekly scheduled class within their category.

$80 Instigator Pack - any 5 non-pole classes, such as Chair Dance, Freeform, Stilettos, Vertical Barre and Nama'stay Fit, Body Blitz. Valid for 3 months from the first class.  Savings of $20 off drop in prices.

$180 Troublemaker Pack - any 8 structured classes, including pole, such as leveled skills classes, spin pole classes, and all the pole choreo class options. Also valid for any non-pole classes, such as those listed above.  Valid for 3 months from the first class.  Savings of $20 based on pole drop in prices.

$210 Ringleader Pack - any 8 classes, including pole and lyra, such as leveled skills classes, choreo classes and open Play classes. Also valid for any non-pole classes, such as those listed above.  Valid for 3 months from the first class.  Savings of $30 based on lyra drop in prices.


$250 1 Month Unlimited - valid for 30 consecutive days, not a membership plan but good for unlimited weekly scheduled classes, not including Pole Play.   No auto pay commitment but no additional perks, either.

$125  101 Grad Pack - 5 Basic pole classes and any 3 non-pole classes such as Chair Dance, Freeform, Stilettos, Vertical Barre, Nama'stay Fit, Body Blitz and REBEL BootieCamp.  Valid for 3 months from the first class.  Savings of $60 off drop in prices.  Available only for purchase in the studio upon completion of REBEL 101.

Drop In

Drop ins are for the casual attending client or if you want to try a class out first before committing to a class pack or membership.

$15 - any Pole or Lyra Play class

$20 - any non-pole class

$25 - any pole class

$30 - any lyra class

Private Sessions

Pole Skills, Tricks & Techniques  $50 or 4/$160 - We're here to give you that little bit of extra one-on-one attention to help you get your skills and tricks to where you're comfortable.

Liquid Motion  $50 - This 90-minute Liquid Motion lesson with Leah will have you fluidly connecting movements together for a sensuous freestyle. See the class description of Liquid Motion in weekly classes.

Choreography Assistance  $50 - Got some ideas and short combos that you like and need a little help putting things together?  We'll assist you with that and help you build your routine for your performance piece or competition.

Full Choreography  $250 - Coming up with original choreography can be difficult.  Putting together a proper routine for a competition that falls in all the guidelines can be tricky.  Let us do that for you!  For this private session we will guide you through a full choreographed routine for your showcase piece or competition that is designed specifically around you and your skills.  Session fee includes two separate 1-hour training sessions, all choreography written out and a video for reference.  Please contact us upon purchase to set up your scheduled days, times and instructor.

Studio Rental - $30 for 60 minutes, $40 for 90 minutes, $10 for each additional person (maximum of 8 people total)

*Refund/Exchange Policy - all Class Passes, Class Packs, Drop In/Individual Sessions, Memberships and Workshops are non-refundable.  A credit on your account may be issued at the discretion and exception of the studio, dependent on specific circumstances.  If a regular studio class is canceled by the instructor or studio, a class credit will be added to your account.  If a workshop or specialty class is canceled by the studio or guest instructor, a full refund will be given.  Any merchandise bought may be exchanged for size or returned for a full refund within 30 days if the item is in resellable condition or due to manufacturer's defect.  All special order merchandise is non-refundable.

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